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Guilt Trip - re:branded

Re:branded. a reiteration, a revision, a remake and also a beginning of sorts. A makeover of a chequered past, composed. From the X to the Y, your choice, your freedom, views and opinion started, planted and growing, showing, a cry. With araised fist and a rage, a call to arms, arm-in-arm together rising against, rising above a baser nature. Ten tracks in a new suit, a new suite, the sweet and the bitter made better or just different. It's in a way a dizzying ascent up the apex staircase, not the first steps, certainly not the last, brandishing the iron searing, soaring. Machines and men but not machine men with machine hearts, not cattle, a plucking of strings, heart strings, She sings. New and improved, old but not forgotten so join us, unite in the fight, come together, right now, over us. Are you a man who will say no?

Guilt Trip are M.Nilsson and K.Lindberg. All tracks written, produced and performed by Guilt Trip. Mixed and mastered by K.Lindberg at the basement in Stockholm Sweden. Lyrics, vocals, efx suggestions, additional voice samples and creative constructivism by M.Nilsson. Guitars by J."Berget" Bergman. Programming, keys, beats, additional guitars and samples by K.Lindberg. Artwork and graphic design by K.Lindberg. For the latest news, gossip and hard-facts join us on Booking and other requests can be sent to

UPC/EAN: 194759628889
Released: October 1, 2019 as Bandcamp exclusive
Release date: October 31, 2019
Style: Alternative, Electro, Industrial, Rock
Artist: Guilt Trip
Title: re:branded
Catalog: BRAPDIGI04
Country: Sweden
Distribution: Revolution Distribution
Format: Digital Download & Streaming

Guilt Trip - re:branded will be out on all major channels in november

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